Noise cancellation

I’m researching into the technique of noise cancellation as it functions in headphones. I am planning on experimenting with this technique by doing an audio piece where the filtering of noise will be used as a sound effect.

The technique of noise cancellation is normally used to suppress unwanted sound from the surroundings or to create silence in a noisy atmosphere. The headphones incorporate a microphone that measures ambient sound, generate a waveform that is the exact negative of the ambient sound, and mix it with any audio signal the listener desires.

I find this technique interesting because it is based upon an ideal of creating a perfect listening space where no noise or unwanted sounds disturb. This is a setting that is unnatural, but it is presented as the ideal listening situation. Besides the ideals of listening connected to this technique, my plan is to look in the sound of the noise cancellation technique and use it as an effect of creating a temporary sense of impaired hearing…

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