Curative sounds

Using the ear as an entry point to manipulate neural processes has also been explored in a number of contemporary products including, amongst others, so-called digital drugs. Digital drugs are produced by the company I-Doser who have
created specific sounds that are marketed as an alternative to real drugs. These sounds or ‘doses’ can be used to “achieve a simulated mood or experience”, as stated on the company’s website. A variety of doses are available including sexual doses, designer doses, sport doses and game enhancers. A package called “recreational doses” promises effects similar to “MARIJUANA / COCAINE / OPIUM / PEYOTE”. Common to all packages is that they offer tracks constructed of frequencies which create the acoustic phenomenon of beating. The company claims that listening to tracks constructed upon this acoustic phenomenon can “help you control all aspects of human emotion and

Testimonies derived from Digital-drugs video at YouTube, published by Binaural Beats PRO (2013):


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