My name is Sandra Boss. I am a composer and sound artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently I am working on a PhD project at Aarhus University, Denmark.

This is a blog about my research project entitled Tuning the Ear. The blog will function as a space where I will gather all my thoughts and ideas reflecting my work process. Furthermore the blog will contain pictures, sound, texts, links and other stuff that I stumble upon along the way.

About the research project:

With the research project Tuning the Ear, I wish to explore how the ear is an instrument that can be tuned into different listening modes through technology.  The research project sets out to propose a new attention towards the term hearing by exploring  technologies which historically have been used to diagnose, normalize and even optimize the ear. By attending to both the discursive and historical frames and the operative means of selected audiological instruments, it will expose how technology tunes the ear, that is how technology lets us hear and how technology frames conceptions of hearing.

The research project will depart from the construction of three sound works that stage an obsolete audiometer, a row of imaginary sound therapy instruments and a set of reconstructed hearing horns within an aesthetic setting. These sound works propose an alternative methodology for reaching conceptualizations of hearing, where the act of doing, of entering into a practical dialogue with a specific material, forms a way of thinking. As this approach has strong ties to the phenomenological research methodology of Martin Heidegger and Maurice Merleau-Ponty, but also to contemporary research methodologies such as media archaeology and object-oriented ontology, the research project will evolve as a tuning between manifold methodologies and theoretical positions, which will create different entrances for exploring the history, the epistemic claims and the auditory attention connected to the act of hearing. This kaleidoscopic perspective on the audiological instruments will enable a presentation of hearing beyond the passive position it has partaken within especially the field of sound studies and the field of audiology, and it will propose hearing as a varied, malleable and indeed complex perceptual auditory state.



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