The sine wave is one of the main components when conducting audiometry – hearing tests and thereby determining what so-called … More

Audio Narratives

Some quotes from commercials from the hearing aid industry: Oticon: “Enjoy a whole new world of sound.” “The way in … More

Tuned Deaf

My contribution to CURATORIUM Festival 2016:

Physiological tuning

In the 1950s, a Danish amateur acoustician named Christian Volf conducted several listening tests that were to cure hearing disabilities. … More

Acoustic accessories

Antoine Bertin is a sound artist curious about our relationship to the environment. Together with material designer Hélène Combal-Weiss, and … More

Temporary impaired hearing

I’m researching into examples of clocked ears as it appears when having a cold or flying. This state resembles impaired … More

Noise cancellation

I’m researching into the technique of noise cancellation as it functions in headphones. I am planning on experimenting with this … More