Sound Works

As part of this research project I have made three sound works. Each work explores an obsolete, imaginary or reconstructed technology that has been used to detect hearing, optimize hearing or cure hearing.

The Acoustic Appraiser – a sound work for a vintage audiometer/hearing test machine.

The machine consists of sine tones corresponding to the different frequency bands of the human ear. Furthermore the machine comes with masking tones and a German speech test tape. In the performance, the borders between scientific and musical sounds is explored through the machine’s various sound features.

Maskinel Terapi – a sound performance for simulated sound therapeutic instruments.

Electric muscle stimulators, sleep machines, tuning forks, bells and tone generators are some of the ingredients in this installation-performance, where obsolete sound apparatus come to live again in new musical narratives. The piece examines the therapeutic, hypnotic and telepatic potential of these lost apparatuses. The work is made in collaboration with artist Jonas Olesen.


SHOUTING OUT LOUD! – a sound installation and performance

Shouting Out Loud! consists of five transportable sound sculptures and four performances created specifically to the old military area of Slipshavn at the island Fyn in Denmark. The sculptures are shaped as both listening and shouting objects, and are inspired by the shape and function of hearing horns and fog horns. The audience is encouraged to carry the horns with them out in the unique surroundings of Slipshavn in order to either listen to the sea through the horns or shout a message to the sea. Shouting Out Loud! is created in collaboration with visual artists Ina Hjort Jacobsen and Katrine Würtz Hansen.