Audio Narratives

Some quotes from commercials from the hearing aid industry:


“Enjoy a whole new world of sound.”

“The way in which you perceive sounds is entirely unique. Because you hear with your brain, not with your ears. Oticon Alta2 is designed to match your individual sound perception and create a unique, satisfying and natural hearing experience.”


And from the head phone industry:

B&O – H3 ANC headphones (w. noice cancellation):

“Delicately tuned for those who want to experience all the details of their music even in noisy environments”

“Since 1925 Bang & Olufsen has been synonymous with the art of acoustic perfection. B&O PLAY’s Active Noise Cancellation embraces our core philosophy of creating products that reproduce the original sound material as authentically as possible.”

“Active Noise Cancelling headphones are great. Unfortunately, far too often, they compromise sound quality. At B&O PLAY we believe that sound comes first – that’s why we design our ANC products for music lovers.
H3 ANC is delicately tuned to strike the best balance between sound, noise and silence, letting you focus on all the details even in noisy environments – without having to crank up the volume and ruin the experience.”

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